A home made with natural stone.

Marble fireplaces are a high-end decorative element to create very elegant and premium environments. In addition, they bring a lot of warmth to the space. The stone fireplaces create pleasant environments with the style of marble that you like. 

The fireplaces you can buy at Ibérica Stone are custom made and can be made in a wide range of marble types and finishes. 

We usually associate marble fireplaces with more classic and rustic styles. However, this stone from Macael is also perfect for more modern and minimalist styles. 

Marble is a stone that has been historically used in art for its properties and beauty. From the mountains of Macael, in Spain, comes the white marble: Blanco Macael. A material that has drawn great works of art. And a material with which you can make your fireplace. 

If you want to buy a marble fireplace, do not hesitate to contact Ibérica Stone Group. If you like natural stone, remember also other of our products such as washbasins.